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Case Results
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Our case results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our award-winning Roseville and San Diego attorneys. At Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman, we work on a contingent fee basis, which means our clients don't pay a dime if we don't win. The experienced lawyers at our firm take pride in providing the highest levels of client satisfaction and securing optimal results for each case.

California Accident Lawyers Case Results

In late 2020, the father of our client, a dry-waller by trade, tragically passed away while working at an active construction site. Details of the incident have been intentionally omitted, however, it was our position that the incident could have been avoided through the implementation of basic safety precautions and communications.

We are proud that our team was able to help our client gain some closure with this part of her life through litigation and an ultimate multi-seven figure settlement. We did not allege any claim for financial support, and the recovery was limited to non-economic damages.

Last June, our office obtained a $15,000,000 judgment in Alameda County on a Wrongful Death case. The father of three daughters was murdered in 1990 but no suspect was arrested until a conspirator confessed in 2017. The step mother, Cheryl Drace, of the three daughters was convicted of murder and our office pursued the civil case against her for wrongfully killing our client’s father.

Our client, an avid cyclist, was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a vehicle operated by an elderly driver in September 2018. Our client lost consciousness following the impact, and he was life-flighted to a hospital where he stayed for 2 days. He was later diagnosed with a spinal injury and concussion, for which he received pain management treatment over the course of several years.

Prior to our firm’s involvement, the insurance carrier offered $60,000. Congratulations to Thomas Gray and his team at Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman LLP for achieving a terrific result for our client for the full $500,000 policy limits.

In April 2019, our client was stopped on his motorcycle at a stop light in Concord, California. When the light turned green, he entered the intersection and was suddenly struck by an elderly driver that had failed to come to a stop before the intersection.

In the year that followed, the adverse driver and insurance carrier denied liability for the incident, despite us tracking down several witnesses that stated how the adverse driver entered the intersection against a red light.

This was a tough case, not only due to the liability issues involved, but the age of the adverse driver and our client’s medical history (he had been in another motorcycle incident 2 years before) inherently impacted the carrier’s decision-making from the start. The highest offer we received pre-litigation was $16,500.  We recently finalized a settlement with the insurance carrier for $1,000,000.

As always, this result was a team effort, and we are so proud of our team for putting in the time, effort, and work product to get this terrific result for our client.

In October 2018, our client was walking through a hotel lobby in Anaheim, California. As he headed towards the conference area, his leg suddenly slipped out from under him, and he collapsed to the floor. At 66 years old, our client had a history of osteoarthritis, a fact that the Defense relied on over the course of litigation. He would eventually move on to have a knee arthroscopy, and later a knee replacement. This injury and the subsequent procedures significantly impacted the life of our client, an inventor and manufacturer of telecommunications vehicles for emergency responders, and he continues to deal with the aftermath of this incident on a daily basis.


It was later determined that the water on the floor had migrated down from the extensive plumbing and construction work taking place directly above the lobby. All three defendants involved in the litigation, the property owner, contractor, and subcontractor, denied liability and causation up to the day of trial. Nevertheless, yesterday, we were able to secure a largely non-economic settlement for our client in the amount of $750,000.00.

In May of 2020, our client’s vehicle was struck by another vehicle when the driver lost control. Our client suffered from back pain after the accident for which the at-fault driver was uninsured. Fortunately, we were able to obtain the entirety of our client’s $250,000.00 uninsured motorist policy limit.

In October of 2019, our client was struck by a sedan at a cross walk resulting in a fractured femur. We were able to work out a resolution with the responsible insurance company for $550,000.00 without the need to go into litigation.

Our client was rear-ended by a GMC 2500 HD truck and sustained injuries to his neck. He developed severe pain which affected all aspects of his life. He was a hard-working veteran with his own watercraft repair business. Surgery was recommended and performed relieving many of our client’s symptoms and pain. With the assistance of co-counsel, we were able to secure a settlement in litigation of $475,000.

Our client suffered a broken leg while riding a public bus that was involved in a collision with another vehicle. In litigation we were able to settle her case for $1.75 million by proving to four different defendants that they were each responsible for her injuries.

Our client was injured when the defendant struck a tree in the front yard of his mother’s home causing it to come down on one of the home’s awnings which he was standing under. After hard fought litigation, and with the assistance of co-counsel, the insurance company offered the policy limits of $100,000.

We represented a husband and wife who were involved in a severe motor vehicle collision while stopped at an intersection resulting in injuries to both. Unfortunately, the husband passed away after undergoing surgery for the injuries he sustained in the collision. The wife was successor in interest and heir to the husband. After a strong demand package was sent to defendants in conjunction with the other heirs’ counsel, the case was settled for the policy limits of $1.25 million. Our client received $775,000 while the other three heirs split the remaining proceeds.

In December of 2018, our client was a minor thrown from a vehicle, suffering severe physical and psychological injuries, including a broken jaw, pelvis, scapula, and facial lacerations. Four other individuals were injured in the accident, but we recovered the entirety of both the at fault party’s insurance as well as her own UIM coverage, totaling $250,000. 

Our office represented the husband and parents of a 20-year-old woman who was killed while riding as a passenger in a Honda Civic which was struck by a city fire truck at an intersection in the middle of the night. We settled with the insurance of company of the driver of the Civic insurance for $25,000. However, liability and other issues were heavily contested by the city and fire department. After hard fought and lengthy litigation, and with the assistance of co-counsel, we were able to generate a settlement of an additional $300,000 to avoid the risk associated with trial, which the clients did not wish to endure.

In August 2019, our 73-year old client, a Vietnam War Veteran and Lion Club Service Member, walked into a warehouse to pickup food for his church’s food closet. While he waited for his receipt, an employee transported several large stacks of crated bananas to the area where our client was standing. The stacks tipped and fell on our client, injuring his spinal cord. 43 days and several surgeries later, our client was released from the hospital as a “partial quadriplegic” with severe neurological deficits. His doctors could not say whether he would ever walk again.

In litigation during the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to negotiate with the defense for them to purchase, pre-settlement, an $85,000 handicap vehicle for our client, pay our client’s medical expenses totally over $400,000, and ultimately reached a monetary settlement for $7,000,000, all within eight months of the date of incident.

In February of 2019, our client was rear-ended on the highway in a significant impact by a negligent driver who only carried a minimum policy. The severity of his injuries required him to undergo a fusion surgery on his spine, and we were able to recover the entirety of his $250,000 personal policy to supplement the at fault party’s lack of coverage. 

Our client was struck from behind by a Ford F-350 flatbed truck and sustained injuries to her neck and back. She was hit so hard it bent the frame of her Toyota Tundra truck. She eventually developed severe pain in her neck which became unbearable. After approximately a year of conservative care and with little relief she sought out an orthopedic surgeon who recommended surgery. She underwent the surgery and found almost immediate relief. On the eve of trial, and with the assistance of co-counsel, defendants offered the policy limits of $200,000.

In April of this year, we settled a motor vehicle injury case resulting in a low back surgery for $800,000. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle and the driver was attempting to show her the performance of his new vehicle. His negligent and unsafe driving caused him to crash his vehicle into a power box, bringing it to rest against a tree resulting in significant orthopedic injuries to our client’s lower back.

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