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Wrongful Death

Last June, our office obtained a $15,000,000 judgment in Alameda County on a Wrongful Death case. The father of three daughters was murdered in 1990 but no suspect was arrested until a conspirator confessed in 2017. The step mother, Cheryl Drace, of the three daughters was convicted of murder and our office pursued the civil case against her for wrongfully killing our client’s father.

Premises Liability

In March of this year, Dan Schneiderman and our office obtained an $7,500,000 settlement for a premises liability/negligence case resulting in a partial quadriplegic injury. For over a decade, our client volunteered at a local food bank. In the summer of 2019, a worker at the Food Bank negligently transported a crate of bananas stacked higher than the Food Bank allowed and obstructed his visibility crashing into and collapsing hundreds of pounds of bananas on our client resulting in a catastrophic spinal injury.


Wrongful Death

In late 2020, the father of our client, a dry-waller by trade, tragically passed away while working at an active construction site. Details of the incident have been intentionally omitted, however, it was our position that the incident could have been avoided through the implementation of basic safety precautions and communications.