Litigation Settlement – Public Bus Collision- $1,750,000

Our client suffered a broken leg while riding a public bus that was involved in a collision with another vehicle. In litigation we were able to settle her case for $1.75 million by proving to four different defendants that they were each responsible for her injuries.

Litigation Policy Limits Settlement – Motor Vehicle v. Tree- $100,000

Our client was injured when the defendant struck a tree in the front yard of his mother’s home causing it to come down on one of the home’s awnings which he was standing under. After hard fought litigation, and with the assistance of co-counsel, the insurance company offered the policy limits of $100,000.

Litigation Settlement – Rear-End Motor Vehicle Collision- $475,000

Our client was rear-ended by a GMC 2500 HD truck and sustained injuries to his neck. He developed severe pain which affected all aspects of his life. He was a hard-working veteran with his own watercraft repair business. Surgery was recommended and performed relieving many of our client’s symptoms and pain. With the assistance of co-counsel, we were able to secure a settlement in litigation of $475,000.

Litigation Policy Limits Settlement – Rear-End Motor Vehicle Collision- $100,000

Our client was 53-years-old when she was struck from behind by a young and inexperienced driver. Her vehicle only sustained minimal damage but she eventually underwent lumbar surgery and made a tremendous recovery. In the middle of litigation, the defendants offered their policy limits of $100,000.

Minor Car Accident Injuries- $100,000

Proved to the insurance company that my clients case was worth the policy limits of $100,000, even though the driver suffered only minor injuries!